Areas of Activity

Raising Awareness - Research - Education

Raising Awareness

Organizing events at all levels of the Greek education system, with emphasis on actions to enhance the financial literacy of students, and presentations regarding their career orientation and the professions of the future.

Organizing the Financial Literacy Conference (every April).

Organizing speeches and events throughout the country for the groups of interest.


Diversified educational seminars and workshops for children, adults and sensitive social groups (both physically and remotely).

Designing and implementing special learning programs in collaboration with the University of Piraeus, which will provide certifications of attendance, upon successful completion.

Specialized Content

Articles – White papers – Videos – Infographics – Calculators

Selected scientific associates of the Institute write original articles and produce scientific studies. At the same time, we select relevant articles from the international bibliography and professional journals that are either translated and adapted in Greek, or are posted in their original form at the scientific library of the Institute’s website.

Scientific research

Designing and implementing a National Literacy Financial Survey, as well as individual targeted surveys in specific groups and their presentation at international scientific conferences.

Evaluating and providing the results and conclusions of our research to our members.

E – Newsletter

Bimonthly e-newsletter for current issues and developments in the field of financial literacy, at national and global levels.


Progressive writing and publishing of books for all groups of interest.

Indicatively, the following published books are mentioned:

  • Saving for our future! (2015)
  • Planning for our future! (2017)
  • Minutes of the 1st Conference on Financial Literacy (2018)
  • Money doesn’t grow on trees! (2019)

Our goals

  • To raise awareness for the value of financial education
  • To contribute to the creation of a national strategy to combat financial illiteracy
  • To educate the new generation, but also sensitive social groups, around the basic financial concepts and practices that will improve their quality of life by empowering them to avoid various behavioral and cognitive errors that may have negative impact on their well-being
  • To create educational content, special editions and educational “tools” of high value
  • To plan and implement relevant surveys on Financial Literacy in our country and selected groups of citizens
  • To collaborate with reputable institutions and Universities of high standing and global reach for the production and promotion of scientific research

Hellenic Financial Literacy Institute

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