The Circle of Money

The 7 Basic Concepts of Financial Literacy


For most people, the income is determined by the proceedings of their work which is a function of their performance, the labor market, and the relevant institutional framework that varies from country to country.


As saving, we characterize the portion of disposable income, which we choose not to consume today, but to keep it for the future.
Ινστιτούτο Χρηματοοικονομικού Αλφαβητισμού - ο κύκλος του χρήματος


Borrowing is a process that allows people to buy and use goods and services today that they would not be able to do otherwise due to lack of money, by paying for them in  future with an additional cost. In other words, by paying progressively in future the amount they borrowed plus an interest.


The individuals consume goods and services to meet their needs and desires. Usually their disposable income is limited and thus the majority of people are not able to buy all the goods and services they desire and thus they have to choose.

Getting insured

Nowadays, people have options to protect themselves against the various possible risks they may experience in their lives, which can have serious financial and psychological consequences for themselves and their families.


Investment is that part of our total disposable income, which we choose to use to increase our income or wealth in the future by postponing part of our current consumption.


In a world characterized by great social and income inequalities, actions of solidarity that address temporary or permanent needs of our fellow-citizens, highlight the values ​​of humanism.

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