What is
Financial Literacy?

“The combination of awareness, knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors that are necessary to make the right financial decisions, with the ultimate goal of achieving individual financial well-being”

OECD / Atkinson and Messy, 2012

Ινστιτούτο Χρηματοοικονομικού Αλφαβητισμού - ταυτότητα του ινστιτούτου
Financial Literacy

The Identity of the Institute

Our mission and main concern is the dissemination of financial knowledge to the most vulnerable population groups, both in traditional ways and means, and with the use of modern digital technology.

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Areas of Activity

Speeches and events across the country, original articles and scientific studies, specialized curricula, book writing and publishing, National Financial Literacy Research, Financial Literacy Conference.

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Institute Actions

Browse the activities of the Institute and find out about future events.

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Social Groups of Interest

The actions of the Institute focus on specific sections of the population, such as our new generation, parents who have just had children, women who, according to international studies, have lower levels of financial literacy and economic migrants who objectively face greater integration problems.


From an early age, children should gradually understand basic concepts such as needs, desires, money, work, entrepreneurship, lending, budgeting, charity and savings.

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Preparing adolescents for a successful and happy adult life has to do with them becoming aware of their potential, building the right skills and knowledge and protecting them from future financial and other mistakes such as over-indebtedness, wrong investment choices, and myopic perception of the globalized professional environment.

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Young Parents

Young parents and those planning to set up a family should be able to make correct and responsible decisions about the future of their family.

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According to international studies that took place in both developing and developed countries, women have a lower level of financial skills and literacy.

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As life expectancy is rising and people live longer, they need to secure, early on, sufficient income for the third phase of their life through systematic, long-term savings and appropriate investments.

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Immigrants are undoubtedly a particularly vulnerable social group. Therefore, for their smooth integration, it is necessary to place special emphasis on their financial education from the very first moment of their presence in the host country, with a special approach and the appropriate means for them.

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The Circle of Money

Discover the 7 basic concepts of Financial Literacy.

Grand Sponsor of the Institute

European Reliance General Insurance Company S.A.

Sponsors of the Institute

Large companies and organizations support and collaborate with the Institute for the promotion of Financial Knowledge, for actions that are particularly aimed at the younger generation and vulnerable social groups.

Supporters of the Institute

A large community of sensitized citizens, organizations, universities, institutions and companies, embrace the vision of the Institute for dissemination of Financial Knowledge in our country, actively supporting and enlarging our initiatives and actions.